New Jersey Divorce Mediator Dennis Harry Esq.

New Jersey Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation provides you and your spouse an opportunity to come together to discuss what you are hoping to obtain through the dissolution of your marriage. Working out your divorce settlement through divorce mediation is preferable to going to court with separate lawyers, because it allows you and your spouse to keep as much as you can, with each walking away feeling you received as fair a settlement as possible.


Attorney Dennis Harry – New Jersey Divorce Mediator

Dennis Harry, Esq. brings a combination of solid professional legal experience and a personal touch to his role as a New Jersey Divorce Mediator. He provides a place for you and your spouse to amicably settle your divorce in a way which will have the maximum financial and emotional rewards. Because Dennis is here to act as a neutral arbitrator for the two of you, he can help you find the best way to settle your matters. Through the mediation process, you will be working together to reach the best settlement.


Family Friendly Divorce.

Dennis is motivated in his divorce mediation by what he calls Family Friendly Divorce. He assists you and your spouse to find the best possible settlement, so that you can begin your new lives on the best possible footing. By working together on the settlement, you can part on a friendly basis, and avoid negative, combative experiences. This is especially important when there are children involved in the divorce. When the children see that their parents can resolve their differences in a constructive way, it not only gives them a better emotional experience, but teaches them a positive constructive example for their own lives.

Dennis feels strongly that your comfort with the process is just as important as the equitable distribution of the final divorce. Working with Dennis, you will be guided through the divorce mediation process with patience, and with understanding for the difficult time you are going through. He will take the time to make sure that you understand what is happening, and will explain things in a clear and precise manner.