What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a process where spouses meet with the mediator, a neutral third party, to discuss and resolve issues to dissolve their marriage in a mutually beneficial, cost effective, and harmonious manner.

The goal of the divorce mediator is to assist the spouses in finding their best solution. This enables each of them to part ways while feeling satisfied with the results to best begin life anew.


How Does A Divorce Mediator Differ From A Divorce Lawyer?

Even though Dennis is an Attorney, he does not represent either party in his role as divorce mediator. He is a neutral arbitrator. Dennis will listen to both sides and suggest a middle ground where disagreements arise using his professional experience and judgment.


What are the benefits of going through Divorce Mediation, rather than each spouse hiring their own Lawyer?

By choosing divorce mediation, each spouse will avoid the financial and emotional burden paired with each party hiring separate lawyers to battle each other in court. Moreover, mediation expedites the divorce process.

Financial – Divorce mediation costs less than divorce litigation. This circumvents each spouse paying for a separate attorney as well as the accompanying escalating costs that arise from prolonged divorce litigation.

Time – By using the divorce mediation method, the process can be completed within months whereas divorce litigation can take several years. Divorce mediation enables the parties to complete the process quickly and begin rebuilding their lives sooner.

Emotional – Divorce mediation avoids the pain and suffering of divorce litigation. With divorce mediation, you can dissolve your marriage by working together to achieve what is best for both of you, rather than acting as adversaries in litigation. This option offers the best chance to move on and heal from the experience, while avoiding generating further hostility via the litigation process. This is especially important when you have children or dependents. It protects them from the emotional distress of witnessing both parties increased angst under the stress of litigation.

Dennis believes that a successful Family Friendly Divorce is achieved by minimizing costs, time, and emotional distress of the parties.